Aug 8, 2015

There's been a few changes...

Dear loyal visitors,

You would have noticed it's been a while since any new content has been posted, there's a good reason why. Since early 2015 I've been busy working on a new & exciting creative-enterprise: TRANSFIGURE Media & Art - an online media-house dedicated to distributing the music, film & art of Orthodox Christians.

As a result, and to efficiently maximise my resources, I've changed the name of OFA (Orthodox Filmmakers & Artists) to THE MOVING ICON which is named after my podcast series on Orthodox Christian Network (OCN). For future reference the new web address is Please remain patient as changes to branding & links are updated.

Even though TRANSFIGURE & my show take up a HUGE chunk of my time it doesn't mean I won't still be posting to this site, just not as frequently; however, this is where you can help.

If you're an artist/filmmaker + Orthodox Christian you can submit your work & write-ups and they'll be posted to TMI. To email your submissions, click here.

So please continue to visit & SHARE this site. Join TMI's new Facebook page to stay up-to-date with developments + check out TRANSFIGURE Media and buy some content.

Lord have Mercy!

Chris Vlahonasios