Dec 22, 2014

Painting Mystery

Debra Korluka is second generation American with Slavic roots. During her formative years as a child and young adult, icons brought her into a world of joy and contemplation transporting her into a world where the laws of existence were far more harmonious than in our temporal world. Being an Orthodox Christian, she prayed before the icons and felt the mystery of holiness in the personages depicted. Debra felt the Holy protecting and sheltering her through years of deep struggles. Looking back, her way has been joyful, deep, sincere, mysterious, and “sacramental” in its original meaning. The Latin word “sacrament” is equivalent to the Greek term “mysterion”, mystery. It denotes a reality which is hidden, but gradually revealed through living a life in Christ’s baptism in the existence of the Church. The images spoke to her about this, everything visible assumes an invisible dimension, everything created assumes an uncreated perspective, everything purely mundane becomes deeply mystical, timely-timeless.

Korluka is a full-time working and teaching artist/Orthodox Byzantine iconographer who has been exhibiting her art throughout the world since 1992. She received several grants and was named a Bush Artist Fellow in 2010. She has studied iconography in Ukraine and Moscow, has conducted workshops throughout the Midwest region of America, and was invited to lecture at a Sacred Icon conference in St. Petersburg, Russia. Her work has been exhibited extensively in America, as well as in Ukraine and Russia and other countries in Europe. A book about her work in iconography, "Seeking the Face of Christ – The Way of an Iconographer" was recently published by a publishing house in Russia.

Both her husband (Alexander) and self, have lived in Stillwater, Minnesota for 24 years, having raised a son and daughter who also live in Stillwater. Her daughter's husband immigrated from Sweden and Greece. Recently, Debra has created a program called
Lyn Olson Medical Crisis Program that will offer medical grants to those in need. She is collaborating with leaders in her local Orthodox community to develop resources intended to help applicants experiencing medical crisis.

Debra Korluka has kindly donated the sales of her book to support Byzanfest 2015 and OFA.
The book will be selling at a special Christmas price of $75 USD (normal RRP $84.99). 
To place your order, email Debra to claim special price


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