Nov 5, 2014

APPLY NOW - Journalists & Writers

THE ORTHODOX PROJECT – in collaboration with OFA blog – is looking for journalists, writers or anyone interested in contributing thought-provoking articles about Orthodoxy and life in the Church.

The PROJECT seeks to share the beauty of the Orthodox Church through a diverse range of expressions including documentaries, articles and art. The GOAL is to expand our understanding of the works and life of the Church.

Through the use of multiple mediums, the PROJECT strives to share the experiences of those working in the church, those living a life set apart, those who benefit, and to perhaps discover a few things we may not yet be aware of. We feel there are many works that, humbly hidden, may go unnoticed, and that reflect the doctrine and beauty of our Church, which we desire to present to believers in the hope of sparking inspiration as well as action.

Our PURPOSE is to share what we have discovered as we journey through the rich life of the Church in an engaging way.

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