Oct 4, 2014

Sweet Success

Black Cherrie is a newly created venture which brings art and fashion together in a celebration of beauty and creativity. It was solely created to enhance the fusion of art and fashion in today’s world. The current shoe art collection of Black Cherrie offers hand-crafted artwork on shoes. The design can be as unique as the customer would like so the possibilities are endless.

The creator of Black Cherrie is designer Patty Kassoudakis whose fashion business started, over a decade ago. Her first taste of recognition became as singer Jessica Malboy wore her clothing during a concert in Adelaide. Over the span of the last decade Patty has succeeded in doing countless Fashion parades showing off her clothing and also jewellery collections.

Patty’s collection was chosen as a finalist for the Australian Masters of Fashion in 2007. Orthodoxy is a Major part of her business as she recognises nothing could have been accomplished without the help of our Lord. Almost all of her work is done within sight of her iconostasis, as it reminds her of the help and guidance of God is always nearby.

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