Sep 5, 2014

Seeking Cinematographer

Looking for a DP for a short-film. The film already has actors and someone doing the music. You will be in charge of the cinematography and have creative control over the look and the shots as well as an important voice in the editing process. Please send copy of your prior work and I will send the script over and we can discuss working together.

A little about the project:
It’s a love story set in NYC at an apartment in Brooklyn. It's very important to capture the right look and aesthetic. One of the actors in the project just finished a performance at a major theater in Washington D.C. and has just moved back to New York and the musician is a very successful street musician here in New York. Ultimately I hope for the project to be a collaboration between all involved. For everyone to take ownership of what they are good at and ultimately to have a really good short film.

For more info, email Jacob:


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