Sep 3, 2014

Artist Bruno Capolongo

Heaven and Earth
I am a visual artist (based in Ontario, Canada) from working in various genres and mediums including acrylic, oil, encaustic, mixed and dry media.  Aestheticism is a driving force that undergirds most all of my work, though my Christian worldview is the filter and compass that guides - and at times restrains – me with respect to content; this in no way should be considered a negative force, but rather liberating, since aesthetically driven artists can easily fall prey to their own sensual passions, their works then falling short of celebrating the higher values of life.  

As an independent artist I am relatively free to pursue work which is of true personal interest. Nevertheless I do make a living from my work and maintain relationships with fine galleries in the USA and Canada that represent me and sell most of my originals. For a full complement of work see Custom sized reproductions and merchandise are also available through

My travels usually involve the study of art in the original and often in their original settings, be it in museums, palaces, galleries and/or churches in North America or Italy. After my most recent two trips to Italy – both in 2011 – I have ventured into the world of fine art murals, being much influenced by the study of grand frescoes from the south to northern of Italy. Some of my murals and related urban and architectural works can be viewed at

Currently I am a catechumen of the Orthodox Church, having begun my journey in 2011, which was accelerated by the challenge of a close Roman Catholic friend who insisted that I did not know my church history. He was right, I didn’t, and for the next 20+ months I delved into church history from many sources, even from secular theologians and those not sympathetic to the Orthodox Church. It has been a great blessing.

I was born into a nominally Roman Catholic family and have spent most of the last 24 years in a few of the many Protestant offshoot churches. As a self-confessed “Eurocentric” in my aesthetic orientation I have come to be deeply moved as I’ve discovered the rich history and beauty of Eastern Christian architecture and liturgical arts. In several works of late I have begun to explore the mystical and transcendent in such holy places, albeit in a small and humble way. Some of these works are seen here, such as Ancient Faith, and Heaven and Earth.  Across the various genres I work in there is present various biblically or faith inspired pieces such as Mourning EdenAngelus, and Tamar, (any of which can be made available for custom prints on Fine Art America simply by requesting).   

Ideally, I would like to spend more time in the future working on a series of Orthodox Christian holy places (churches, monasteries, etc.) around the world, and would appreciate any leads or help in realizing this vision, even with suggestions in terms of prospective subjects and locations. I am interested in both ancient sites, even in ruin, all the way to new sites. Since I am new to the Orthodox Church, my circle of friends in the church is relatively small, and I look forward to meeting many more of the Orthodox faithful around the world!   

Bruno Capolongo
Member of All Saints of North America Orthodox Church in Hamilton, Canada.
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Ancient Faith






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