Sep 4, 2014

All the world’s a stage: Jon Boatwright

Jon Boatwright is an actor based in Los Angeles, California. Raised in Arkansas, Jon moved to Los Angeles after college to pursue acting. He trained at The Stella Adler Conservatory with Stella Adler and others in her lineage. He has performed in numerous stage productions in Los Angeles and Austin for independent films and television.  Though he briefly worked as a professional radio DJ he lost interest but gave him the necessary experience for future voiceover work in various television productions and commercials. One of his passions is writing short stories some of which he intends to develop into feature films or perhaps publication. Though Jon prefers the stage yet he also enjoys the challenges of film.  

Jon grew up in the Baptist church. In college he stumbled upon a couple books by Thomas Merton. He felt a strong pull to a more contemplative faith though it would be years before he was to learn about the Orthodox Church. Years later he attended a Presbyterian Church as a struggling actor in Hollywood. Later he took the adult education class with a conservative branch of the Lutheran Church and decided not to join but did become a Methodist. While he loved the Methodist denomination he felt something was missing. His brother-in-law gave him a copy of Bishop Callistos Ware's The Orthodox Way which he read in one sitting as he recalls. He knew that he had found the Ancient Church and there was no turning back. He was Chrismated into the Orthodox faith in 2012 at St. Sophia Greek Orthodox Cathedral in Los Angeles.  

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