Aug 18, 2014

William Seraphim Stambaugh

Hailing from Eastern KY in the USA, “Bill”, is a Russian Orthodox Christian who has spent decades working on the arts of abstract and improvisational music. Having worked alongside world renowned artists and musicians, the last several years have seen him work to build his own compositional catalogue, mainly working in the genres of jazz, rock and classical. His compositions have been described as borrowing musical elements of many different cultures.

In addition to being an accomplished musician/ composer, Bill also is a resident actor of two prestigious acting companies: Arts Resource for the Tri-State (ARTS) and Actors for Children Theatre (ACT). He has filled the stage with leading roles, such as, Leonato in ARTS production of Much Ado about Nothing by William Shakespeare, and Ebenezer Scrooge in ACTC’s “A Christmas Carol” by Israel Horowitz to The King in “Gift Bear for the King” based on the children’s book by Carl Memmling and adapted by Sarah Diamond Burroway for theater (ACT). He has also remained humbled by giving 100% to minor roles such as ‘townsperson’ in “Shenendoah”, and a pirate in Gilbert and Sullivan’s “Pirates of Penzance”. His next performances will be as ‘Featured Instrumentalist’ in Crazy for You”, Quadringle in an original score for children’s theater, “Monsters Under the Bed”, and playing bass, bango, mandolin, theremin, keys, organ, saxophone, guitar, and percussion in his own creations: VelvetSpasm, Bluto’s Tent, BS^2 and Others & Us.

Available for Acting, Music and Composition. Please contact via: 


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