Aug 3, 2014

MIFF 2014 - OFA Selection

The Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) offers a diverse program line-up with this year being no exception. From experimental features to activist-docos to wildly imaginative anima, there’s something for everyone.

To help decide what to watch OFA has come up with a short-list. OFA’s Selection are films that will take the viewer on a journey of intrigue, stirring up feelings of awe, laugher, empathy and joy.

Professional and student filmmakers should take advantage of MIFF’s series of industry events listed below.

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Director: Alfredo Soderguit | Colombia, Uruguay, 2013
Language: Spanish
Tags: Animation, Australian Premiere, Comedy, Drama, Family, Feel Good

Anina Yasay Salas has a big problem: her name. It reads the same forwards and backwards, and the other kids at school tease her for having a palindrome for a name. When Anina gets into a fight with fellow outsider Yisel, both girls are given an envelope containing their punishment, which they aren't allowed to open for seven days. Unable to look at her own, Anina decides to steal Yisel's – although she might not like what she discovers.

Black Diamonds

Director: Miguel Alcantud | Portugal, Spain, 2013
Languages: Bambara, French, Spanish
Tags: Australian Premiere, Coming of Age, Conversation Starters, Crime, Sport

Promised fame and fortune by an unscrupulous soccer scout, two 15-year-old Malian teenagers leave their families and head to Madrid with dreams of becoming like the African football stars they idolise.

Jesulalem 3D

Director: Daniel Ferguson | USA, 2013
Tags: 3D, Faith, Historical

Spiritually significant to Christianity, Judaism and Islam, and subsequently one of the holiest, and most contested, pockets of land on the globe, Jerusalem is also a World Heritage site full of extraordinary architecture and exquisite art.
For this special IMAX film, director Daniel Ferguson gained unprecedented access to the city's most sacred sites, guided by archaeologist Jodi Magness, and presents breathtaking visuals of them alongside rare and jaw-dropping aerial footage, resulting in a stunning cinematic experience.


Director: Abderrahmane Sissako | France, Mauritania, 2014
Languages: Arabic, French, Tamasheq
Tags: Auteur, Award Winner, Drama, Faith, Political, Relationships, Screened at Cannes

In March 2012, a group of Malian soldiers joined forces with jihadist Tuareg rebels to seize control of the country's north. Swiftly instituting harsh Islamic laws that banned sports, music and uncovered women, they meted out brutal punishments to those who would disobey, attempting to erase centuries of tradition in the blink of an eye.


Director: Kasimir Burgess | Australia, 2014
Tags: Australia, Auteur, Crime, Drama, Environment, Family, Melbourne

When Thomas Ryan's (Matt Nable) only daughter is killed in a hit-and-run accident, his life grinds to a halt. Unable to let go of his grief, Thomas waits until the driver, Luke (Daniel Henshall), is released from prison and then tracks him to the remote mountain town where he's begun working as a tree-feller. Moving in next door, Thomas changes his identity to become Chris, and sets his sights on revenge. But things get complicated when he discovers that Luke has a young daughter, and as the relationship between the two men evolves Chris discovers that in the forest new life often comes to replace the old.

Still our Country – Reflection on a culture

Director: Molly Reynolds | Australia, 2014
Languages: English, Yolngu Matha
Tags: Australia, Experimental, Indigenous

With evocative and experientially cinematic visuals and sound, Still Our Country – Reflections on a Culture documents the swiftly morphing lives of the Yolngu people of Ramingining in the Northern Territory. The film is built on fragments and parts presenting a carnival of contemporary ways, the sum of which makes for a bold declaration of identity and a hopeful promise of a future.

The Salt of the Earth

Directors: Juliano Ribeiro Salgado, Wim Wenders | France, Italy, 2014
Languages: English, French, Portuguese
Tags: Art, Auteur, Documentary, Environment, Festival Blockbusters, Political, Screened at Cannes

Brazilian photographer Sebastião Salgado spent much of his life travelling around the world, capturing human life in environments beautiful and harrowing alike. Some of the hardship he saw, however, proved too discouraging, with the much-admired artist eventually retreating into wildlife photography.


Director: Edward Berger | Germany, 2014
Language: German
Tags: 20 somethings

When 10-year-old Jack is placed in care following an accident at home, his life gets worse not better. But he soon escapes, reunites with his little brother, and together they set off on an odyssey across Berlin to find their party girl of a mother.

The Nightingale

Director: Philippe Muyl | China, France, 2013
Language: Mandarin
Tags: Animals, Australian Premiere, Drama, Family, Feel Good, Rural, Seniors

Urbane and affluent 10-year-old Renxing immerses herself day and night in a brightly lit world of handheld electronic devices. When her parents leave on separate business trips, Renxing has to accompany her grandfather on a trip through the Chinese countryside to his tiny hometown, far from both reception and electricity. Renxing can't bear the thought of leaving the city, but soon discovers the joys of living offline.


Director: Philippe Lacôte | France, Ivory Coast, 2014
Language: French
Tags: Crime, Drama, Magic Realism, Political, Thriller

Guerilla assassin Run has just shot the prime minister of the Ivory Coast. Hiding out in the house of a fellow dissident, Assa, while the military tears the country apart looking for him, Run is tormented by memories of his past and the strange contortions of history that have brought him to this point.


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