Aug 10, 2014

Baseline Project

Outreach Like We’ve Never Done it Before

Christians in America are spread among more than 40,000 denominations. How many of them have never met an Orthodox Christian or even heard of the Orthodox Church?

The new BASELINE video series will actively reach out to people who are not Orthodox Christians, who are not inquirers, and who indeed may have never encountered our faith.

BASELINE will put Orthodox Christianity in the mix of modern media in an adult, contemporary and engaging presentation.

BASELINE will take the viewer to the foundations of the faith, visiting archeological sites and uncovering the accounts of the original witnesses.

BASELINE will be visually compelling, relying on strong imagery to tell the stories and defend the faith.

BASELINE will be a series of videos, approximately 20-25 minutes in length, distributed through all social media outlets and hosted on YouTube.

BASELINE is a critical project for all Christians, an opportunity to accurately portray the worldwide truth and history of the Orthodox Church.

Reaching the unreached - kindling the light of the faith where it has not been before - is a broad mission. The place to start is at the origin of the Church: its history.

Get Involved
Please join our effort by sending your support either online or by mail:

By Mail: 
Send donations to the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America (memo: BASELINE), Department of Stewardship, Outreach & Evangelism, 307 West 54th Street, New York, NY 10075.

The Director
David DeJonge’s campaigns and creations reach people on a personal level and inspire them to action. He was the producer, director and videographer of an internationally acclaimedfeature-length documentary on the life of America’s last WWI veteran, FrankBuckles. The film helped catalyze the campaign to restore the WWI memorial on the National Mall. His photography for the project, dedicated in person by former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, permanently lines the walls of the Pentagon. David DeJonge is a committed Orthodox Christian, passionate in his study of Church history He is the founder of Legacy Icons and the author of Beyond the Image: Church History through Iconography.

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