Jul 16, 2014

Roger Hunt Music

After developing a thirty-year career in music which encompassed writing and arranging for church ensembles, producing commercial jingles, organizing concerts, and writing for and producing alatin band, Roger moved to Los Angeles (2002) to work in the film and television industry. In 2011, he moved back to his home state of Florida and joined the team at The Orthodox Christian Network, producing music and podcasts for them to the present day.  

Roger’s main goal and dream is to connect with Orthodox Christian filmmakers and to assist them with their musical concerns (such as songwriting, scoring and music supervision).  His website, www.rogerhuntmusic.com, has a good number of musical examples demonstrating the power and range of his composing capabilities.  Perhaps one of Roger’s most notable advantages is his “dual musical citizenship”--he is a classically-trained (i.e., Western tradition) composer, and he serves as an Orthodox Christian chanter in the Byzantine style in his home church.  Additionally, he is very comfortable in a large number of ethnic musical environments.  Therefore, filmmakers wanting to “build a bridge” to the heterodox world would do well to consider putting Roger on their team.

To hear samples by Roger and to learn more about services offered at RHM, including music publishing, click the logo:

Roger Hunt Music: Music Scoring for Film, TV, Video and the Web


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