Jun 3, 2014

Ioannis Pane: composer, performer, artist

Ioannis is an independent artist from Thessaloniki, Greece. He is a pianist and composer whose experience in music began early in childhood. To understand Ioannis we need to see his life in three parts:

The composer
Ioannis has been composing and writing lyrics since he was very young. He was also a member in several local bands both as the vocalist and main songwriter. After making the decision to become a professional musician he started studying piano and music theory which sparked a big change in his life – he began creating instrumental music. Ioannis believes with music he can transmit all feelings and messages to all people around the world regardless of nationality. All his music is orchestrated and arranged by him and many of his tracks are deeply atmospheric and emotional. One of his great dreams is to work for the film industry as a soundtrack composer.

Ioannis has published only a very small amount of his work, until now. The rest is in his studio waiting for the right moment...

The performer
Ioannis is also a pianist. At this point in time, Ioannis feels his performing skills are tightly connected with his composing skills, because when he performs he composes at the same time.

He does not consider himself a “performer”, but the opposite. Improvisation and his very emotional style are the main characteristics of his performance. Playing the piano is the best way for him to express himself in a direct way, on many occasions even better than words. Ioannis believes when he plays he makes the piano ‘sing’, leaving no room for words.

The artist
Actually, when Ioannis says "the artist" he means "the human".

Ioannis has strong principles and this shines in his work. Because music has great power:
“we must use it to give people healthy and beautiful emotions, to give people examples of morality, and not to use it for promoting immorality and violence, as usually happens.”

He also believes that an artist must has an intense spiritual life, because talent is given from God and we must use it right. Even the word "inspiration" includes the word "spirit", and whatever an artist has in his soul is usually expressed through his work.

 Second part from "Hymn to the Truth"
Composed and arranged by Ioannis

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