Mar 19, 2014


Wake up!
The smell of beauty is wonderful
The Good is tasty and fulfilling
Wake up, open your windows, the smell of beauty can come in.

Clean out your heart, your head: make space.
Get rid off all this noise and nonsense.

I say it all the time, I’ll say it again.
Stop being silly
Open the door, open the windows, come outside.

Seek to be with the Good. No matter what, seek to be with the Good. When evil comes to sweep up and collect don’t let it count you as one of its.
When darkness comes be a light.
When death spills in, be a wall that protects an entire garden.

Make space in your life for Joy.
Clear the way for Goodness.

Cast your eyes upon the Beautiful.
Thereon incline your ears and heart.

+ + +

My inspiration for writing is the beauty and struggle of life. We work and we have hope; the hope makes joy; the joy makes labor a delight; and the rhythm of life become poetry. The air and the light embracing our neighborhoods becomes wonderful, and the myriad details of my life become worth knowing, and worth writing about. God our Creator made the world in an indescribable act of Poetry. Each corner and each moment is an act of Poetry.

How else could I respond to it? How else can I know the creation and engage with it? Is there any other way to participate? This is why I write. Because God made everything GOOD and I deeply desire to see it.

Thalia Zeniou – Archdiocese of Thyateira and Great Britain


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