Jan 27, 2014

Big & Cheesy: My Kitchen Rules 2014

The tennis is over and Mr T’s World Greatest Fools has been shelfed til next summer, now the 2014 ratings season begins! On the same night The Block premiered so did the much anticipated My Kitchen Rules (MKR) – question is will this season be just as good as last year’s?

Some things haven’t changed – Manu’s ascent is just as strong (if not moreso) and Pete Evans’ glazing blue eyes and ultra-white teeth can still melt steel, but what of this season’s characters? Last night’s episode introduced us to the first round of teams with NSW diary framers, Annie and Jason, hosting the first Instant Restaurant.

I quite liked these cheery country-bumpkins – simple, unpretentious and confident. They knew what they were doing and that disappointed me. If there’s one thing MKR knows how to do well it’s selecting people who have more self-assurance than talent in cooking. However, Annie and Jason managed to pull off a strong start to the show, despite whipping up a lactose-intolerant person’s nightmare 3-course menu of cheese. Jason’s biggest problem was not listening to his wife’s sound-advice, yet it all came together – unfortunately.

Annie and Jason’s sweet-nature is one vital ingredients to the show’s winning recipe. Throw into the mix surfer gym-teachers, newly-daters, young-again baby-boomers and most importantly two cat-fight prone girl teams – Chloe & Kelly and Helena & Vikki – providing the spice. Nothing unusual here, MKR is well-known for generating this sort of low-brow TV, perhaps it’s a cautionary tale that too much self-belief and ignorance do not go hand-in-hand.

Last night’s episode was too safe – not enough chaos and poor judgement. Instead we got served a big bowl of humble cheese-pie goodness – too much sentimentally and Aussie ockery. Hopefully MKR will surprise us with these characters, although I feel they lack the same big personalities as previous teams. Bimbos Helena & Vikki are an embarrassment to the Greek diaspora and Andrew is just annoying. But just like a so-so restaurant, MKR may be able to make up for an uneventful first and second course with a ripper dessert.

By Chris Vlahonasios

My Kitchen Rules airs on Channel 7
Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday @ 7:30pm
Sunday @ 6:30pm


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