Dec 12, 2013

We Are Superman

Kevin Bryce, the Orthodox filmmaker behind this intriguing documentary film about the dividing line of prejudice in Kansas City, USA.

We Are Superman is the story of the American urban core in a time when racism has gone underground, prejudice is glossed over and progress is built on the backs of the poor. This film is an emotional testament to a select few who are working tirelessly in the heart of America in Kansas City at the corner of 31 Street and Troost Avenue; working to transform a dividing line into a gathering place.

A Catholic nun is restoring imagination back into the minds of abandoned children. An Orthodox Priest is providing reconciliation to an age old division. An old-time engineer has abandoned his cushy career to reengage despondent and broken fathers back into the lives of their families and communities. A young, zealous pioneer is leading a movement against legal theft from the pockets of the poor. She is standing up against one of the largest lobbyists in the state of

It is the story
America has been waiting for. A community has stopped waiting on the next elected official, board of directors, or MIA policy maker to come and save them. Instead they are gathering the people; they are standing united together and saying with one resounding voice: We Are Superman. This is their story.

The life & work of Kevin Bryce
Kevin Bryce (pictured, on the left next to producer, Christopher Cook) is a documentary filmmaker and storyteller. Raised on Prince Edward Island in Canada, Kevin studied film at the University of Missouri in Kansas City. He has made several short films and written many short stories.

We Are Superman developed out of Kevin's relationships in a struggling area of
Kansas City at an Orthodox Church. Kevin's journey into Orthodoxy very much coincided with his journey in making We Are Superman. The documentary premiered at the Kansas City Film Festival and took home the Emerging Filmmakers award. Since then it has been screened dozens of times to thousands throughout the city and has aired on local PBS four times.

We Are Superman was a personal learning experience in the power of documentary film and a discovery of the unexplored artistic potential in the genre. Documentary film today is reminiscent of the Italian Neo-Realism movement in the 1950’s—young directors gathering film stock from waste bins and hiring people off the street to act in their films. Today, with the versatility and availability of cameras and equipment, filmmakers have access to intimate real-life scenarios like never before. Films like These Birds Walk are only just beginning to challenge the cinematography of mainstream Hollywood fiction films, but also pioneer in the untold stories of the human experience and American struggle (When A Tree Falls, The Interrupters, Oxyana).

Kevin has begun his next feature documentary: Bipolar Love – a film that sheds light and insight into what it is to be Bipolar. He is journeying for a one year period (from August 2012 to August 2013) with 5 people who are Bipolar. All are from different walks of life and all have differing treatment strategies. There is a stigma and a misunderstanding in our culture of what it is to be Bipolar. Bipolar Love will address this stigma and seeks to invoke compassion.

Kevin's hope for Bipolar Love is the same as his hope for all his work: to push artistic boundaries while telling compelling and personal stories of the human struggle and experience.  

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