Nov 23, 2013

The Wandering Melbournian: Part 4

A five-part collection of photos taken during one glorious afternoon in the great city of Melbourne, Australia.

by Chris Vlahonasios

The goal was to not to take ‘tourist pictures’ but capture snapshots of the elements that make up Melbourne. However, what gives a city its character is not chosen by accident; they are influenced by the history and culture of the individuals who make it their home.

If you understand the city you will understand the people.

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Part 4: Desolate
Even on a sunny day the city can be a cold place. Distant. Foreign. Friendless. Hopeless? A maze of gridline streets and random laneway offshoots.

Are we not sometimes like an old building, overshadowed by the latest pillars of glass-towers? Hidden. Ignored. Neglected – but not forgotten. We still exist.

The lost and withdrawn are still there. If we shine a little light on them, they will radiant back.

Why can’t I see the ‘real’ you?

The Gallery
Unknown artist wanders the streets. Down a nook he’ll find his concrete canvass. Dim light. Strangers passing. Late night starry viewings. The stench of Friday night.

A narrow hall of fluorescent-skin creatures and ferocious glarings. Words and images, fading under layers of paint. Obscene. Manic. Eerie. Oh talent, why so grim? Is it because the sun can’t touch you? Come out from the shadows and face who you really are.

Laneway, CBD.

My dear girl, why are you here? Amongst the company of creatures from the underworld? We met twice before but you couldn’t tell me your name. I saw the heavens in your eyes and a child’s innocent joy in your smile. You said so little but shone so much. But, who are you really? I couldn’t figure it out, could you? Is that why you’re here?

Laneway, CBD.

The bubble and flow of the masses outside. An overcast day – cold and glary. Gritty, dusty streets paved with welcoming seats. Come, it’s warm inside – but don’t stay too long my dear customer! Aromatic spiced crusts and caffeinated nectar is your desire.

Enjoy the comfort. A grand façade grants the attention and prestige you want to emulate to the world outside. It’s you and only you, sitting and causally nibbling as you do. But is it true? Will you admit it? Though admired by outsiders you’re as distant and lost as the empty chair upstairs?

Laneway, CBD.

What a work you are! Ordered lines and hypnotic spirals. Precisely designed steel structure, crowned with flared tassels. Bolted and fixed, you impress me with your sense of alignment. Rigid, geometric yet graceful engineered, but what’s this I see? I see damage. I see fatigue. I see imperfection. Don’t worry, you’re just like me.

Laneway, CBD.

With neurotic luminosity you scream out to me. With fanciful curves you get my attention. The buzz of electric current pulses through you. Life?

You try to entice me into your world of culinary delights. But I don’t accept invitation. I don’t need you. I don’t want you. I keep walking.

Photos were taken using the 5MP camera in the Nokia C5-03 mobile phone.


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