Sep 19, 2013

Autumnal Crown

by Alison Sailer Bennett

Behold, by the light of the candle flame
The Bridegroom’s royal entrance
In the dark of night, gracefully
Crisp air whispers matrimony

The leaves on the ground
The solemnizing sound
Autumnal crown

Dying to live and living to die
Fear not the stench of the ivory shroud
With grim thistle and lovely gold
O Holy Martyrs of Christ be crowned!

Blood on the trees
Utter the eulogistic word

Don thy dearth monastic robe
Noetic shadow cast off death
And vow to ascend Jacob’s stair
One in Love and fleshly breath

Ineffable Light

About the writer:
Alison Sailer Bennett is a music therapy intern who enjoys making music and writing poetry in her free time. Both Alison and her husband attend St. Michael the Archangel Russian Orthodox Church in Philadelphia, PA.


Anonymous said...

Oh Alison! You make me so happy and proud to know you. You are my beautiful friend and Goddaughter, and Jamey is very cool too.


Anonymous said...

Nice. I'm not sure whether the author is alluding to the mystical or sacramental marriage... or both, though I think her words are applicable to both situations. Actually, as I was reading it evoked memories of an agrypnia that I had attended at a monastery in Crete where a novice from Uganda was tonsured as a nun. At the conclusion of the liturgy we walked in procession out into the darkness and quiet, candles lit, chanting the ancient melody of Axion Estin to the beat of the talanto. We ended up in the refectory for a celebratory meal. Monastics have a way of celebrating life in a way that is completely unknown to us...
- Eleni