Jun 28, 2013

How Can Life Be A Mistake?

by Enus Arau

They tell us,
if there was perfection in our world,
then there would be a circle
in place of an ellipse.

and there would be no such thing
as a partial eclipse.

Life would not be so cruel,
and there would be no end
to fossil fuels.

We would never have to raise our fists,
if there was perfection in our midst.

But the argument has gone deeper than just this.

With logic as our tool,
we’ve put an end to the hope of a fool,

and done away with irrational schemes,
while finding a material basis for our dreams.

The other world, they say
it was just a scam.
It’s time we placed our full faith in man.

They tell us this,
and take away our hopeful bliss,
that there was ever
perfection in our midst.

This hopeful bliss, they say
was the cause of our indolence.

For how could there be perfection,
if man was born in ignorance.

All we’ve gotten,
we’ve had to earn!

And it was from our mistakes
that we’ve had to learn….

Where was perfection to show us the way?!
And please don’t tell us, that for this
we’d have to pray!
with hardened hearts they would say.

Then along came one
who heard these embittered cries,
and reminded them not to worry,
about those things that die.

With his whole heart,
He sought to purge their fears
and take away their pain.

This was his only purpose,
this was his single aim.

Because His heart was pure,
there wasn’t a malady that
He couldn’t cure.

They all saw,
and were amazed.
Hearts were opened,
and they began to pray.

What was this?
some people began to express.

That could bring peace to a man,
ready to slit his wrists,
and open the hands of he
who walked around with clenched fists…

Who would do this?
If perfection didn’t exist?

Screamed a voice from the abyss.

Just a man,
and nothing more!
Just a man!
Just a man!

There is no perfection,
and there is no plan!

If there was wouldn’t we see,
all that was, all that is, and will be?!

Wouldn’t perfection make us perfect as well?!
Wouldn’t there only be a heaven,
and no need for a hell?!

Can’t you see that we never fell?!
But fallen we began,
on all fours,
slowly progressing to become man!

And now that we are men,
we continue on
and who will survive,
but ONLY the strong!!

All that is weak,
we will have to discard,
and such is this hope,
with which you are scarred.

Realize that you will never rise above,
for not a feeling,
but more of a disease is this love.

What else would leave a man,
so completely fooled,
to think he would mean something,
to the creator of the world?

Creator, there is not!
No story, and no plot!
Forget this, and let it finally be forgot!

With this,
the voice from the abyss finally stopped.
Content with what he had said,
because he knew these thoughts
began to fill many heads.

And soon,
Perfection began to be spoken of only in jest.

To many,
It seemed the idea of perfection was finally laid to rest.

But then something strange happened indeed.

The blood of that One man became like a seed,
growing into a vine from which many would feed.
And they began to believe
in what He believed.

The voice from the abyss cried out,
but was immediately silenced,
for these men were somehow immune
to its guidance.

They travelled the world,
and spread the Word.

They gave it their all,
and did all they could.

They said to all who would hear!
Perfection has finally come to man,
His message is this,
Be ye perfect and do all you can!

Enus Arau
Born: Constanta, Romania
University: B.A in Anthropology from UCLA, now pursuing independent studies in film and cinematography
Influences: Dostoevsky, Elder Paisios, Rene Girard.
Goals: I am interested in cinematic realism, and would ultimately like to create stories that reveal how we humans battle against our egos and romantic idealization of ourselves vs. others, and how ultimately Christ's message can help us gain a deeper understanding of ourselves in relation to the 'other'. I do not wish to bash anyone over the head with my Orthodox worldview, but rather would like to relate how it has affected my own life, and how I have seen it change the lives of many I know.

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