May 19, 2013

Dear music artists

An open letter to musicians from Tim Tsoraklidis, founder and managing director of AMSAR Studios.
Insight into the recording industry and a reality-check on the dreams of artists.

Dear music artists,

Many of you are waiting to be discovered by the multimillion dollar record companies and studios by performing covers online and in pubic. Then perhaps, once you feel confident enough, you’ll probably move onto creating your own original tracks, but just hold-on a second…

What you may not realize is while you’re waiting for those scouting agents to come knocking on your door, you and many others are competing for those record companies and their expensive recording facilities. Frankly, we at AMSAR Studios have seen many artists on YouTube with more talent than many famous people who only sound pitch-perfect thanks to cutting-edge postproduction. The message we offer you is YOU CAN MAKE IT yourself and keep doing what you love.

But here’s the problem – artists want the world to hear them and see their talent. Unfortunately, many want to achieve this for free and do very little of the hard work necessary. If you take this approach, you’ll fail and be seen by the professionals as nothing more than a 'wannabe'. Smaller private recording businesses, such as AMSAR, do not fully financially back artists that have a contract. We are not like the big studios that provide endless financial support with a "must have it all" attitude and image.

What many artists don’t appreciate is all that money spent on them has to be recouped. This means the artist becomes indebted to them and the company owns them under contract. These studios use the best technology and equipment available to create and sell their artist’s talent. What we achieve at AMSAR Studios is to provide our clients with high-end commercial recordings which emulate the quality achieved by big studios. This puts you firmly at a level where you can truly compete with other well-known artists.

Reality is most artists, whether signed or not, don't make big money. To achieve some level of success it’s all about creating a great product then marketing it. Marketing is essentially the most important part of the creative process because it’s vital that the public falls in love with the song.

Again, remember, your song is a ‘product’. To help make it great you have to find a professional studio that; first, you’re comfortable working with; and second, they understand your ‘sound’ and love music as much as you. Always remember, a studio holds your professional interests at heart. Let them do their job the way they know best in order to help you produce a quality product. Industry quality recordings are vital to making a song commercially successful. You need a studio that’s capable of capturing that aesthetic appeal.

Both your manager (or yourself) and the studio should work hand-in-hand on promoting and marketing your music. They should also keep in mind what your goals and ambitions are. Also, if the studio is not in-touch with distribution companies you may need to find one yourself.

This all takes hard work, both from the studio and especially yourself, to achieve your dreams. It’s important artists understand at the end of the day it’s all about money. Studios do not run on hopes and dreams. They are businesses that get you what you want; you cannot expect high quality, professional music for free.

Don't step on others to get to the top. Do not think that shortcuts are the answer to your dreams. You must invest in your dreams to achieve them.

We wish you all the best in your difficult journey.

Managing Director,
Tim Tsoraklidis

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Anonymous said...

Good letter. This I know from personal experience - S.M