Apr 21, 2013

A Sacred Oblation

They came to me in masses
as far as the eye could see
strong and courageous
suckled on the blood and tears
of a long worn

They added to me
they took from me
they multiplied their seed
laying foundations indispensable
yet always looking back
over the sea.

If only they could have brought
a bit of earth to sow
a branch to graft
that their offspring might
make the spirit of history
their own.

Now old and rugged
they stare me in the face
questioning why
their backs are facing
the sacred earth
that bore them.

Photo taken at the end of Princes Pier, Port Melbourne (Victoria, Australia)

Part of an open-access project via the OFA Facebook page. Any Orthodox Christian was given the opportunity to be inspired by the photo and then write something.

by Eleni Kontogeorgos

photo taken by Chris Vlahonasios

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