Mar 11, 2013

My global audience: Orthodox talent on YouTube

by Chris Vlahonasios

YouTube provides anyone, from an ordinary person to a major corporation, an audience with a reach that is global. Never in human history has the moving image been so liberated and so widely shared. YouTube has the power to make ever the most obscure individual a globally recognised superstar literally overnight.

This encyclopaedia of on-demand visual files provides humanity with its entertainment, information and learning needs. Since YouTube provides any individual the ability to tell their story it also entitles both the artistic or ordinary Orthodox a place on the global stage.

Below are some YouTube channels of Orthodox Christians. Their channels are as unique as their personalities, serving the world with knowledge and talent only they possess.

Please visit their channels, view their videos and subscribe to show your support.

East End Fitness
Mario Viscoso
Greek Orthodox, Canada

My channel is about fitness, physical well-being, boxing and movement.

I started it to help those who are thinking about changing their daily routine. I wanted to show how being active can benefit your body both inside and out along with the mental aspects.

In the future I hope to introduce nutrition based on the way God intended for us, His children, to eat – all natural. He gave us only food fit for consumption, along with biblical guidelines as to what and what not to eat. I will also encourage parents to teach their children about gardening and nutrition like past generations have done.

Carla Sleiman singer
Carla Sleiman
Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Mount Lebanon – Antioch Patriarchate

A musician and singer from the Lebanese National Conservatory of Music.

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