Feb 25, 2013

Shutter speed: photography at AMSAR Studios

by Chris Vlahonasios

The beats are pumping, the crowd is jumping and a star is born – these are the moments AMSAR Studios creates. Within a year, AMSAR Studios has gained a reputation of providing the best in sound recording and event management in Adelaide, South Australia.

Christos Kypreos Michael is AMSAR Studios’ official photographer. Not only does Christos work alongside company founder, Tim Tsorakidis, but they are childhood best mates. Christos aims to capture the energy and vibrancy of the music and its artists.

However, Christos is a young man of many talents. Currently he is at university studying computer system engineering and helping out Tim, not just in photography and music production, but also in building computers.

Where did you learn photography?
I learnt photography from my father. He’s a professional photographer who does a lot of events, such as weddings, baptisms and engagements. It didn’t matter whether we were at a relative’s house he always had a camera on him. I picked things up here and there and slowly learnt the art of the trade. It’s not simply point-and-shoot, which is how most people perceive it. A lot of work goes into setting the camera up to take a picture, such as adjusting the focus, ISO, F-STOP, and the speed of the shutter.

You’ve been friends with Tim for a long time, how did you two meet?
We have been best friends since we were approximately eight years old. We met at Church (Greek Orthodox) and Tim invited me to come into the Sanctuary and help Father Chris with the Liturgy. The two of us helped out at Church services for seven years after that. Since then we have been like two peas in a pod – inseparable.

What’s an average week at AMSAR Studios?
I can’t really say there’s an average week. Either we have some big event that we’re preparing for or something small. For a while I had steady work doing photography for Friday nightclubs, but it got a little too much for me. When you’re trying to live more spiritually and you have to see a lot of the filth that goes on; it takes its toll.

What have been some of the highlights of working at AMSAR?
Getting to work alongside with some of the biggest DJs in
Adelaide. Also, recording up-and-coming artists and seeing all the behind the scenes action which takes place to make a single music track.

What do you dislike the most about the music industry?
What I dislike about the industry are the artists who are “pretenders”. What I mean by this is they’re all talk; they want to be famous but put no money or real effort to becoming a great artist. Everyone wants to use you for free and they step on a lot of toes to make it but end up no better than where they first started. I learnt from my mistakes and from then on never dealt with these sorts of people again.

What has been one of your proudest achievements at AMSAR?
My proudest achievement at AMSAR was the completion of the first single we created and hearing it on the radio. It’s about hearing all that effort and work you put in after many months. It’s a special moment I’ll never forget.

Currently you’re studying computer engineering, where do you hope to be in 5-10 years?
I’m hoping to get a secure job somewhere in the field I’m interested. Recently I was lucky to have work experience at the Air-Warfare Destroyer Shipbuilding Department in
Adelaide. I got to see and help in their Computer Systems Section. It was amazing and I hope to work there in the near future. Getting to see day by day the construction of a massive vessel was a great experience. Even if I don’t get a job there it’s still a great memory to have.

Will you still keep up with photography?
I will most probably keep it as a hobby and do a few events now and then to earn some extra money; it’s still something I enjoy doing. Cameras are amazing machines; they capture our life how it is, it tells no lies but it judges you by your looks. Just like humans do to one another. They only judge what they see on the outside, but they can’t tell what’s on the inside which is what counts.

AMSAR Studios™ provides a large number of professional services while focusing on the future of music artists and their skill assets. AMSAR Studios™ achieves professional song production and sound engineering for music artists and producers.

Whether you’re a local or overseas artist/producer, for a full list of services go to:
Facebook:   Amsar Studios
Phone:   0411 377 242

Here are some of Christos’ photographic works.
Taken in Cyprus on the highest mountain, Troodos. There was a small village with a park which was covered in snow.

This smoke cloud is from a waste oil depot that caught alight in Adelaide on 15th March 2012. I parked my car on the highway and climbed up a big hill that overlooked the depot and got this great shot.

2013 Theofania celebrations, South Australia.

When this bee landed on my car, I grabbed my camera and got really close; you can even see the hairs on its legs.


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