Feb 4, 2013

Cross Pattern

by Anonymous

For this piece I began playing around with geometric shapes and patterns. I used two drafting triangles. One 45 degree triangle and a 60 & 30 degree triangle. My initial intention was to come up with an interesting pattern, but not necessarily incorporate the cross of Christ. It was more of a mathematical and geometric exercise rather than an Orthodox project. I used a pencil first and once the pattern came together I went over the lines with ink. Then I scanned the design into the computer and used PhotoShop to blacken certain shapes creating positive and negative spaces. As a result and as a surprise, I came up with a design that has 3 different types of crosses embedded in the pattern. Some crosses are black in the shape of an “X” while the white spaces that surround it make a cruciform cross, and the third cross is in the shape of a star with a black square in the middle at a 45 degree angle. These crosses may not be traditionally Orthodox, but they are crosses and for me represent the Crucifixion.

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