Jan 2, 2013

Soundwaves: life in the recording industry

Tim Tsoraklidis, founder of AMSAR Studios™ in Adelaide, South Australia, writes about his experiences of running a successful recording studio. As an Orthodox Christian, Tim describes the challenges of the industry, its effect on one’s spiritual life and how to rise above it.

My name is Tim Tsoraklidis. Unfortunately, my story begins with a confession. Today is the 1st of January 2013 and I woke up at around 12pm after a late night for New Year’s Eve. However, I spent it away from my friends and family because I was setting up a stage for a band to perform at a New Year’s Day party. I began the setup at 3pm on 31st of Dec 2012 and finished at 2:30am on 1st of January 2013. I was in bed by 3:30am and did not even think about church the next day.

The reasons why are simple. The youth of today who are involved with the secular world in anyway will understand this clearly. I am 21 years old and I am the business owner, song writer and managing director of AMSAR Studios™ and AMSAR Records™. My job description in this area is to set up for the sound control and projection for bands on stage, create tracks for rappers and singers, record artists in the studio, organise photography for events and gigs, sound setups for concerts and performances, sell musical instruments and studio tech, compose music for short films and documentaries and agent performers to gigs all with the help and support of my colleagues and team. With all that happens and other responsibilities this can be extremely demanding on a single individual. My aim is to be successful in all that I do and fulfil my passion to achieve it.

In 2012, I had brought AMSAR Studios™ to its highest working peak with the team I had. However, as always, everything we do in life comes at a cost. The cost of being successful comes with the rapid approaching tiredness and lack of ability to take on any more responsibilities and tasks. I’ll talk about something more specific. Before the launch of AMSAR Studios™, I had a passion for studying the Bible, religions of the world and held a hot zeal for God. All the questions I asked myself about God and other religions, I searched and found the answers. I learnt about Church history and the early Christians. I studied the schisms, heresies and superstitions that sprung up throughout history. I studied the theories of evolution and the Big Bang. I studied about the angels, demons and mysticism. I studied about apostolic succession, the power of grace, the doctrines and canons of the Eastern Orthodox Church. I learnt so much and became passionate about it all. However, with my passion for music, composing and success in the music industry, I lost more and more interest and had less and less time to focus on my former passion. It was something that I did not notice at first.

Going through 2012 was a challenge and yet was one of my most successful years in the secular world. But, I had lost something though. I had replaced my true love for Christ and being His student with something transient such as money, wealth, success and power. I found myself too tired to get up for church on Sundays. I lost interest in anything that wouldn’t lead to my success. By the end of the year I realised how tired I was and I began cutting out excess responsibilities. Yet, I found it difficult to escape the needs and dependency of my business which I created in order to feel successful and powerful. We only realise we are mortal once our health tells us to slow down. Of course, I still have my passion for helping people achieve their dreams in music, but at the same time I still want my passion for a healthy soul to be just as strong. My father always tells me that there is no such thing as sitting on the fence between any two things.

I realise now what side of the fence I fell on because one passion left me with no chance to revisit or even care about the other. It’s an inner battle we all face. It is crucial that we find what is most important, to never forget it, and set it as a higher priority in our lives. I was so thankful to God for the strength, ability and courage He gave me to achieve what I have. What we can do is involve God in our success and our passions. He gave us our talents to use and be fruitful, not bury them and gain nothing. But to never forget where they came from and that our destination in life will never change. If one is passionate about his family, let him dedicate them to God. If one loves his business but spends less time with his wife and children, let church be the one place where they stand together.

The young feel that they are immortal and limitless because of the strength and abilities they carry over the old, and sometimes, we even forget that God gifted them to us. Regrettably, I speak first for myself and then for others.

Going to church may not mean to others what it does for me. For me, it is a place of peace and the House of God who dwells there. It is a place to thank the One responsible for all that I have and the indescribable love that shines upon me, my family and the world. It is a place to see God in the face of others. It is a place where I hear the teachings of the Gospels and letters to the Church through the Apostles who wrote them thousands of years ago with teachings that cannot be found or experienced anywhere else. It is a place where I witness the most divine miracle and sacrament that ever happens in the world: the mystical and Divine Eucharist. These things, along with the rest of the sacraments, are for healing and needed for my soul and body to continue in this secular world.

If this is the most important thing, how can I abandon it for anything else whether it be money, fame, family or passion? In this world it is important to keep a balance but keep priority to what is most important. You may ask “Tim, what is most important?” and I will tell you that knowing we are going to die is most important. Remember it when you wash your face every morning. Remember it when you close your eyes for sleep. This reality is a reminder that all that you do in your day will not stop it or help you hide from it. But rather should prepare you for it.

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