Nov 3, 2012

Chocolate-delight: Tunnock’s milk chocolate with caramel-waffle biscuit

by Chris Vlahonasios

Upon first impression it didn’t seem that exciting. A brand of chocolate I had never seen before with an odd name like ‘Tunnock’s’ and covered in Arabic writing it was more a purchase of curiosity than desire. I doubted it could surprise me, but that was before I took a bite…

I was blown away by the generous thick-mass of light, crispy wafer. With five vanilla-wafers and four caramel layers, the chewy wafer was more honey-like in flavour. It was not sickly sweet like other mass-produced chocolate brands like Nestle or Cadburys.

The milk chocolate was thinly coated yet substantially satisfying. It worked perfectly in union with the wafer instead of trying to overcompensate in sweetness.

I stumbled across this chocolate in a tiny fine foods shop in a beachside town in Victoria, Australia. Tunnock’s is an Scottish company so it might be hard to find but so worth it. Overall, this would have to be the most enjoyable chocolate bar I’ve had in yonkers!

4.5 licks

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