Sep 23, 2008

Welcome to Orthodox Filmmakers and Artists

I am extremely happy not to have put this off any longer. As a Greek Orthodox Christian, and self-taught filmmaker, I am frustrated by the fact there does not appear to be many Orthodox filmmakers or artists making their mark in the wider media.

The purpose of this blog is to provide visitors with links, information and fellowship between Orthodox Christian filmmakers and artists. But I would like to make it clear I do not have a degree in Christian theology or undertaken training – I am only a layperson. You MUST always seek proper spiritual guidance from your priest/spiritual father when making a decision.

What I want to see are films and art works made by Orthodox Christians from an Orthodox perspective. This does not mean only religious works; even non-religious films and art BUT made with an Orthodox mindset and influence.

Although I am based in Melbourne, Australia, I want to use this blog as a means to reach all Orthodox Christians – of any ethnicity – from around the world. Through this blog we can identify in each other and bring good works to the world.

If you would like to contribute, please email
If you are a filmmaker or artist based in Melbourne, please also include your mobile number, if you like.

I will be adding and adjusting this blog over time so please be patient.

God bless.


blackincense said...

God bless you and your work Chris!

You have some terrific insight here about the arts, and I am really glad to see it. I too am dismayed at the new lows to which "art" has sunk.

There are many of us Orthodox, quietly living our lives, who also produce art and I have no doubt that many of them will be contacting you! Hope you will hop over to my blog roll and check out some of the fantastic bloggers I am in contact with. 2 iconographers (one of them does other art as well), and some terrific writers.

God bless you!

Seraphim said...

Dear Chris,

Saw your blog today by following links from your first commentor's blog.

Just wondering, have you ever seen the Russian movie Ostrov? And have you heard about the Golden Knights awards.

If you have not seen it, I highly recommended it. Fr. John, the Abbot of St. Michael's Skete in New Mexico called it the closest thing to a cinematic icon he has ever seen (and I believe he studied film prior to becoming a monk)

The director of Ostrov (The Island) was a student of the great Russian film maker Andrei Tarkovsky who made the great film Andre Rublev. If you've not seen that I recommend it too. The young man who played the boy bell maker in the later portion of the movie grew up to become a well known actor and a well respected director as well. In the making of Andre Rublev his own faith was awakened and he grew up to be a devout Orthodox Christian. After achieving his own professional success and after perestroika, he developed an "oscar" level cinematic award (Golden Knight) for those movies which best exemplified Orthodox Christian values (whether they were specifically Orthodox or even Christian movies themselves). His association was blessed by his late Beatitude Alexi, the Metropolitan of Moscow.

They might have some helpful information and resources.

Nathan Lee Lewis said...

So glad to see you hanging out a shingle! This networking goes far beyond the actual work. We do need each other in support and prayer. Please let me know how I may help.