Sep 25, 2008

The Orthodox path and mass media

It would be foolish to think all the answers to understanding how we can work in the media industry as Orthodox Christians can be answered in a humble blog.

One of the many beautiful things about Orthodoxy is the continuous learning and relearning of God's teachings. As a regular commuter I have found it very rewarding listening to audio lectures downloaded off the Internet from Orthodox websites. The following link contains some excellent lectures, especially the impact of mass media: (click on 'Practising true worship in a pop culture world')

The lectures include: Orthodoxy and the 'Di Vinci Code', the Internet (Second Life, MySpace etc), Hollywood and the influence of advertising in mass media.

It was an extremely rewarding experience - highly recommended.

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Roger Hunt said...

This looks great! Thanks for launching it, and I look forward to a lot of good interaction here.